Saturday, February 9, 2013

The St. Francis Auditorium, just a short walk from The Madeleine Bed & Breakfast Inn, will be hosting piano virtuoso Gabriela Montero on Sunday, February 10, 2103.  Gabriela will be playing Three Intermezzos by Brahms and Schumann's Fantasy in C Major.  The concert, presented by the Santa Fe Concert Association, begins at 4pm.  Ticket prices range from $20-$50 and may be purchased online at or by calling 505.988.1234.

Gabriela Montero, born in Caracus, Venezuala, got her start playing the piano very early in life.  The toy piano of an older cousin was placed in her playpen when she was only 7 months old, and rather than banging on the keys with her fist, she immediately begin picking out notes with her index finger.  Before she could even speak, she had picked out the melody for the country's National Anthem on her piano, by then her favorite toy.  Gabriela began formal lessons at age 4, and gave her first public concert at age 5.

Ms. Montero tours worldwide, most recently in Spain and Germany, and is particularly known for her remarkable performance improvisations.  She encourages her audiences to suggest various melodies and themes, and then she rewards them with unique interpretations of these requests.  Her ability to come this with a career as a serious classical artists results in a close connection with her audiences.  Santa Fe is fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy such a gifted and highly-acclaimed pianist.

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