Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Light Extravaganza in Madrid

Stroll down from the Madeleine Bed & Breakfast Inn to enjoy the Christmas lights adorning the Santa Fe Plaza, perhaps with a stop for a hot chocolate at the corner Hagaan-Daaz.  For an even more dazzling display, head out to the old mining town of Madrid.  The tradition of lighting up the town began in the 1920's, and the lighting displays just get more and more spectacular.  Because of the abundance of coal, Madrid was able to go overboard with Christmas lights before it was such a widespread national tradition.  It is said that commercial airlines would divert from their routes just to fly over this 'Town of Lights'. 

Not only is Madrid decked out with festive lights on every building, there are also forty local shops selling the wares of local artists, jewelers, potters and weavers - a welcome break from the predictable offerings at the mall.  While visiting Madrid, have a drink at the famous Mine Shaft Tavern, or a meal at Maggie's Diner (the cafe featured in the movie Wild Hogs).

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