Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Viva la Fiesta

Every year we have at least some guests at The Madeleine Bed and Breakfast Inn who are caught off guard by the activities of Fiesta Weekend.  The festival is a celebration of Don Diego De Vargas' peaceful reoccupation of the City of Holy Faith in 1692.  For the past 299 years the city has honored this historic event with much religious ceremony and prayer, along with music, dancing, parades, abundant food & drink, and overall merriment.

With so much going on during Fiesta Weekend - September 8-11, 2011-  you will want to check the schedule to find events specific to your interest.  Two highlights of Fiesta Weekend are the Burning of Zozobra and the beloved Pet Parade, but there is so much more to experience.

Zozobra, otherwise known as Old Man Gloom, is a 50 foot puppet whose burning is meant to signify the burning of our collective doom and gloom of the past year.  This fairly pagan ritual begins with music and dancing, which gets more and more lively the darker it gets.  The crowd becomes increasingly excited for Zozo's imminent burning and subsequent fireworks, and you will hear the chanting of "Burn Him, Burn Him", getting progressively louder and louder.  After a successful burn the crowds head to the Plaza for eating, drinking and entertainment.  I recommend to our guests that they view this spectacle from the Cross of the Martyrs, a short walk away.  You will not want to be driving anywhere on this evening!

The Pet Parade is an entirely different affair.  Best seen by walking down Palace Avenue and standing near the corner of Palace & Paseo de Peralta, the parade is a spectacle of children, adults and their pets, all dressed up in very original costumes.  You will see plenty of adorable dogs, but also chickens, lamas, goats, reptiles, birds and more.  Some of the get-ups are incredibly elaborate, and it is definitely not just for children.

Zozobra's Burning:
Thursday, September 8th
Fort Marcy Park
Park opens at 3pm, with ongoing entertainment, but the burning happens at dusk

Pet Parade
Saturday, September 10th
9am start time

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