Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Wonder of Meow Wolf

Our guests at The Madeleine Bed & Breakfast Inn frequent the many museums of Santa Fe, particular the renowned International Folk Art Museum, The Wheelwright and the relatively new New Mexico History Museum.  A bit off the beaten track, but definitely worth the detour, is a new exhibit at The Center for Contemporary Arts (or CCA).

The exhibit, titled The Due Return,  is a mash up of Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars.  Visitors walk through a 75 foot long, time-traveling, dimension-hopping vessel which has landed on an alien planet after a well-documented journey lasting 200 years.  The ship has the look of a 1600's sailing vessel, and according to the story, has journeyed from world to world, through time and space, collecting information and items which are displayed in the ten rooms of the ship.

The fascinating project, created by Meow Wolf and about 100 artists, builders and writers from around the world, took about eight months to complete.  It is engaging on multiple levels, and would take a few days to actually read and explore the entirety of the exhibit on all levels.  When I was there last weekend I noticed a couple of 4 year old having a great time pushing levers and buttons on the ship's controls, while more studious adults were attempting to learn the history of the ship's travels.  As for myself, I spent my first visit to this massive interactive exhibit immersing myself in this sci-fi fantasy world, imagining what it would be like to experience such an adventure.  It is truly a mind-expanding trip!

For more fun, be sure to attend the multi-media performances during the last two weeks of the exhibit.

Center for Contemporary Arts
1050 Old Pecos Trail
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Now through July 10th
Wednesday and Thursday, 1pm-8pm
Friday-Sunday, 1pm-10pm
Suggested Donation:  $10

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