Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pasqual's a Bust - Boo Hoo

I feel as though what I am about to write is an act of treason, but feel compelled to share that Ted and I had a very mediocre dinner recently at Cafe Pasqual's.  Yup, much as I want to write a rave review, I am unable to do so.  I have always loved Pasquals, for both the fabulous food and inviting setting, and thus have recommended the restaurant to many a guest from The Madeleine Inn and The Hacienda Nicholas B&B

We began with an appetizer of Warm Brie, which I  remembered fondly from a few years ago.  We found the plate to be a melted mess of over-heated cheese mixed in with a couple of so-so salsas.  The roasted garlic was the best part of this item.  After an uninspired Greek Salad, we were served a plate consisting of three scallops on a potato cake.  The scallops were fine, nothing to jump up and down about, but the potato cake was rather burned on the bottom.  For $32, we were underwhelmed.  Then came the $27 vegetarian enchilada.  The cilantro rice was an interesting twist, but the rest of the dish was just not that good.  While we had asked for Christmas (red and green chile), the dish came with only red.  The biggest problem with that was that the red chile sauce smothering the dish was very bitter, ruining the taste of everything.  Honestly, I had a far tastier chicken enchilada at The Tune-Up Cafe for $9!  Since the meal was so lackluster, we decided to forgo the dessert and instead finish off the pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream in the freezer at home.

I still have some money left on my gift certificate so will give them another try for lunch next week.  Sure hope it is better than our dinner, because I just love what Pasqual's is all about.  I love that they use a lot of organic and local produce and meats.  I love the festive decor and warmth of the place, and that it  has been a local haunt for decades.  However, if the lunch doesn't renew my faith, I don't see how I can continue to recommend Pasqual's to our guests at the inn.  Gee, I hope they can redeem themselves!

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    This. This is exactly why I decided to start blogging. It can be very isolating being home with babies, even if you get out and do stuff each day. It is so nice to read about another woman going through it too!