Thursday, February 3, 2011

Deals Galore at Sign of the Pampered Maiden

Guests of The Madeleine Bed and Breakfast Inn know that Santa Fe is noted for its particular style of dress - a mix of artsy bohemian, not too dressy, but definitely a unique style that is emulated all over the country.  Sign of the Pampered Maiden is a veritable Santa Fe institution, having been in business now for close to 40 years, where you can find just this sort of stylish attire.

They have fabulous dresses, tops, jeans and skirts, along with some of the coolest earrings around.  Besides this irrestistible collection, there is yet another reason to stop into this boutique, as they are in the midst of their Annual Winter Sale.  You will find deals galore, with winter goods priced at 30%-70% below retail. 

Another plus - the sales staff is made up of really warm and friendly women who will help you find just the right outfit for your shape and style.  If you are looking for something not found in your everyday large department store, this is the place to go.

Sign of the Pampered Maiden
123 West Water Street
Santa Fe, NM

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