Saturday, January 15, 2011

Learn to Make your Own Straw Applique Art

Over the years, many guests of The Madeleine Bed & Breakfast Inn have purchased beautiful pieces of straw applique art at the bi-annual Spanish Market.  Here is an opportunity for you to learn to create this art on your own.  The workshop, hosted by the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, will be taught by Della Vigil Ulibarri, a Master Spanish Market Artist in Straw Appliqué.

Following a discussion of this intricate art form will be a workshop during which Della will show you how to create your own straw appliqué masterpiece.  It is recommended that you make your reservation early, as the workshop is limited in size to only 12 participants.  This is an all-day event, going from 10am-3pm, and you are asked to bring your own 'brown-bag' lunch.

While it is doubtful that you will undertake anything as impressive as the piece in this photo, you will have gained a new appreciation for this delicate craft.

Museum of Spanish Colonial Art
750 Camino Lejo
Workshop Fee:  $75 (includes materials)

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